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Welcome to the The Bowen Technique. A therapy that I have found to be astonishing simple and yet extremely powerful. An alternative and complementary therapy that evolved from one man's observation of the human body and his desire to understand how a body responds to a gentle stimulus.   

Backache getting you down? Shoulder pain keeping you awake? 

Migraines making life a misery?   

Bowen can provide gentle and effective relief.

What is the Bowen Technique?

The Bowen Technique is a remarkably gentle and non-invasive remedial therapy which offers the body a chance to return to a natural harmony.

During a treatment the practitioner uses fingers and thumbs to make a series of rolling movements over muscle, tendon and other soft tissue at key structural points of the body to effect a response.

A characteristic of Bowen are the breaks between each set of moves when the practitioner leaves the room for a few minutes. It is within these quiet moments, which allows the body to rest, that adjustments occur within the body.

The experience is subtle and relaxing, there is no manipulation of hard tissue or high velocity moves, no massage or prolonged pressure. It can be performed directly over the skin but is just as effective through light clothing. Clients will normally lie on a couch - however Bowen can also be performed while seated, if lying is inappropriate.

The light touch means Bowen is generally safe for people of all ages - from children to those of more mature years! It is also safe and effective for pregnant women.

The underlying philosophy of Bowen is that it allows the body to restore it's own integrity - be it structural or emotional - but does not attempt to inflict the will of the practitioner on the client. In fact, since Bowen treats the body as a whole it is common for previously unmentioned issues to resolve simultaneously with the original complaint. To this end the body is allowed to take what it requires from a treatment - and leave the rest!

The Technique was developed in Australia, during the 1950's by Tom Bowen who had a passionate interest in the body, an innate ability to see where imbalance existed and an understanding that the body can heal itself when prompted. Over many years he treated thousands of people and offered childrens clinics free of charge. His generosity of spirit still runs through as a guiding principle amongst those who practise Bowen today.

The Emmett Technique

In 2012 I became aware of The Emmett Technique which can be combined with Bowen to great effect. I completed my training in Emmett in September 2014. This technique, also from Australia, developed by Ross Emmett who in addition is an experienced Bowen Therapist. Similar to Bowen in its subtlety, the technique uses switches and holding points to effect a change in the soft tissue. I now use a mix of Bowen and Emmett in my treatments which I feel has greatly enhanced my practise. 

In February 2010 The Bowen Technique acheived recognition by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). CNHC was set up by the Department of Health, and is the only voluntary regulatory body for complementary healthcare to have official Government backing. As well as providing assurances of high standards to the public, its decision represents a major step forward in the recognition of Bowen, and other selected therapies, as acceptable complements to conventional medical treatment.

Jane Hird

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