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As a practitioner I am still constantly amazed that such a gentle and simple therapy as The Bowen Technique can have such a deep and long lasting impact on a wide variety of issues.  

Please read a few of the responses I have had since practising.

"I had been suffering from a painful shoulder as the result of whiplash from a car accident 15 years ago but which had been getting worse over time. I thought I was just going to have to live with it and take ibuprofen on a daily basis to keep it under control when a friend mentioned that Jane was training to be a Bowen Therapist. As it specifically targeted muscle pain I decided to try it. Jane spent the first session taking detailed notes of all the various injuries from my car crash and explained how the body compensates for these and becomes unbalanced.

After several Bowen sessions, where Jane always took careful notes and put me at my ease, the pain had eased and no longer woke me at night. I am now able to enjoy swimming again and my whole body feels balanced. I found Jane's manner very comforting and calming and will continue to have further treatments whenever I become stressed."

 Mrs S, Bishopston 

"I have had a full series of Bowen sessions with Jane. They have helped me with Psoriasis– skin disease which I have had for 16 years. Of the many different treatments I have tried, Bowen is one which greatly improved my condition and I would recommend it to anyone. The patches of psoriasis and the deepness of the damaged skin have decreased very much. I intend to have regular sessions once every few months to sustain these great results."

Monika, Redland.

"I found the Bowen sessions helped address my chronic hip problem ( brought on by training for a half marathon). The Bowen ‘movements’ were surprisingly powerful and I could feel a difference in muscle tone almost immediately. The sessions themselves dealt with me holistically and I found I had a great sense of wellbeing within a few hours of a session. Jane provided accurate diagnosis and her programme worked. I was pain free in my running within 6 weeks of the treatment. Thank you Jane."

 Phil, Westbury-on-Trym. 

"I would like to say how impressed I have been by the effects of the Bowen treatment you gave me last year. Prior to the treatments I suffered from regular bouts of extreme neck pain. This was the result of a Whiplash injury some years ago. Several times a year without warning, my neck would start to stiffen and within a day or two my neck would be in spasm. Invariably, I was unable to lift my head from the pillow in the morning, without support. Throughout the day thereafter, I needed to turn my whole body in order to look in a different direction, it was impossible to move my head from side to side. These bouts would last for two or three days. 

I had 3 treatments and ever since I have been free from pain. Occasionally, I have felt my neck beginning to stiffen, but to my surprise, the stiffness has receded and disappeared without any episodes of real pain or spasm and lack of mobility. 

This has had an extremely positive impact on my life as previously I had been prevented from exercising, playing with my children, and often had to take time of work."

 Heidi, Bishopston

"I suffered from constant shoulder and back trouble resulting from a car accident some years ago. I am a competitive rower and I found that the pain was affecting my performance along with other everyday movements. After trying many different treatments that didn't work for me, a fellow rower recommended Bowen therapy from her own successful experience with it. After the first session with Jane, my body felt re-balanced, I'd achieved a great sense of well-being and within just a few sessions, my pain and stiffness had disappeared. Jane's methodical, calming and genuine interest in my healing was invaluable and I urge those suffering to not live with their pain but to try Bowen."

Ms. L, Staple Hill

“My daughter, who is 10, has had Osgood Schlatters disease in both knees over the last two years, coinciding with a growth spurt, which has significantly limited what she can do in the way of sport. She has had to be given nurofen and paracetamol before and after most sports sessions. Following a worsening in the symptoms which included swelling and pain just below the knee cap she was coming out of school in tears and was really unhappy with how the symptoms were limiting her. We were referred by our GP for physiotherapy but while we were waiting for this appointment I took her to have a Bowen therapy session with Jane in the hope that this might relieve the symptoms slightly.

 Her knees felt better immediately following this session and were not nearly such a problem in the usual sports sessions throughout the week that followed. Jane saw her again the next week and felt that much of the heat had gone out of the swelling. She also identified some inequality in leg length which we were previously unaware of and may have contributed to her discomfort. Following the second session Clara was more comfortable again, and by the next week we had almost stopped giving nurofen and paracetamol before sports sessions and she was getting through them pretty well. Her knees are still a bit sore now and then but the overall improvement has been remarkable and quick. 

Mrs G, Bishopston 

Jane Hird

Mobile 07999 711846

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